Social is a long standing brand with Black & White Standard as well as Dog Ear Marketing. In the early days we setup the speakeasy with a fantastic site, and with two other businesses under this serial entrepreneurs belt Social Coffee Roasting has gotten out of the development stages of the site and is in early production stages.

Our main goals with this site originally was to create a shopping experience for the roasters so that orders could be placed by customers and be able to pickup those orders on location. eCommerce like this is Standard procedure for us so that was a goal that was easy to obtain with the styling from Katelyn @ DEM. As of time of writing for this article this has been achieved with several new add-on concepts in the works.

This roastery works with medium and dark roasts which is a great compliment to Morning Song Roasters that we works with that works more with the lighter blends. They have a full ordering service ready to go, however they are only accepting orders for local pickup for now. Shipping nationwide will be implemented soon while the roaster puts on the finishing touches before the grand opening.

This site was quite a quick build with a fast paint and streamlined setup. Since this site will mostly just be an ecommerce solution there won’t be any large advertising mediums it will be streamlined as such so it maintains a good service time as it expands with more products to be sold to consumers.

Just as this article is being written, this site is already undergoing a transformation in terms of how it will be offering it’s products and how all of the information regarding orders is handled and served quickly to maintain great experiences for customers. As larger changes are made to the site and brand they will be published here. We’re excited to see it evolve and make it’s presence known as it grows.