HTML Sites

$120/ Year

Standard Hosting

$170 / Year


$200 / Year

Hosting is the main service offered as it is the backbone of every site and it’s actually what sets us apart from the rest of the hosting companies as we offer you more for less than the competition and will even beat any competitor price with the same offering.

What set’s Black & White apart from the rest? We use Private Servers that serves you all the traffic that you pay for, not sharing it with all of the other sites on an inexpensive server. We also are SCALABLE. That means if you need more speed, or memory for your site we just increase our hardware for the same price that you signed up for. We’ve only increased prices once, only due to the fact that server contracts have gotten more expensive. Other than that you pay ONE PRICE.


$160 / Year

WordPress is the most used platform on the internet and it comes with a lot of moving pieces, that’s why we recommend the maintenance package. No need to worry about things breaking, and updates as well as a pro plugin suite will be provided. Your site will be up to date and backed up weekly as well as a monthly report generated for everything that is taken care. Worry not about your site, if anything goes wrong based on the build we fix it for free.

Integrations & Services

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Does your site serve some utility or use in your industry? You bet we can do that! Check out current hosted sites and previous jobs in the HEADLINES section. You name it we can build it.

  • Ecommerce Shops
  • Reservations Systems
    • Integrated with Large Booking sites
  • File Sharing
  • Custom Spreadsheet Calculation / Automation
  • Wholesale Sales
  • Payment Processing
  • Anything Else You Can Dream Up