Over the years we have had a lot of issues regarding spam in the terms of contact forms and other ways of getting in touch with site users. Annoying is term that would highly understate the issue, on this site alone I would get somewhere around 30-50 emails a day, none of them valid. This makes it hard for your spam filters to get used to seeing what’s good and bad as well as it also gives the user a hard time trying to keep up with all of the emails.

In the past we have tried many things and nothing seems to have worked. Captchas used to be the thing but in recent times we have seen that there are services and bots that can actually get past those as well. There isn’t much that bots cannot get past these days unfortunately.

Finally after looking forever, we found that Clean Talk is a service that works great and gives all of our inboxes peace. Every interaction including comments and the like are run through their database and are either flagged or put through and when we install this on sites we notice that the results don’t take any time to kick in. They are instantaneous.

For anyone looking for good spam removal from your WordPress sites click the link below.