Have you ever wondered about your family’s line of genes and what things you might be perceptible to as you grow older? Look no further than one of our more recent clients Genome Ally. Dr Thakur and team work with you to help see what your genes can say about the past and help you look into the future to what might be a good idea to think about as you age and what can be prevented / avoided. Dr Thakur has a great program that helps you be your best by taking in all of the different data points of your life and family’s predisposed conditions, contact her to help make your future brighter with some amazing insights towards a greater wellness through genetic research.

Katelyn did another great job designing the brand and putting together the website for Genome Ally. Dog Ear Marketing always does an exceptional job, that’s why we have partnered with them for the long term and we’re more than grateful for the beautiful sites created that we get to develop on the back side.

The site has a great balance of simplicity and complex beauty running through it. Not only that but the site is built to scale as time goes on and the project evolves. Along with the great looks it’s also integrated with HIPAA compliant scheduling systems as well as encrypted email for the domain to make sure that your data stays safe.

Working with Dr. Thakur was a great pleasure to make sure that her site had everything it needed and was ready to scale when the time comes. I wish her and the team great success as I know her work will be professional and well thought through.

This site has a great read out like the rest that Dog Ear has put together. Along with the efficient design we made sure to add all of the normal plugins to make sure that it was ready and speedy for the clients that were coming in to see what services Dr. Thakur had to offer. We look forward to working on this site in the future as the services and reach expands to greater audiences.