Mackinac Island and Fudge. You really can’t pair two things together much better than those. They are synonymous and one of the first things that you think of when you think of the other. Luckily enough we have had the privilege to redo our current client Joann’s Fudge blog and get it setup to do ecommerce as well. This redesign was a great update to the dated design that it had previously and it allows the brand to be able to do a whole bunch more with the platform when they are ready rather than having their intellectual property being owned by a third party service like Shopify.

The main things that Dog Ear Marketing did with the blog was brought meshed the actual blog with the brand colors and theming rather than having two sites that looked different as well as set the site up for further success when they were ready to merge their store onto the site itself.

As the site currently sits it sells on a third party platform that is somewhat hard to use and doesn’t allow the clients to actually own their assets, but rather rent space from them and make it hard to take their products and data with them when they want to move away. We look forward to the day that we can help them own their business as a whole and we have taken the primary steps toward making it happen. The platform just needs to add products and it’s ready to go.

What’s great about this build, like most of the others is that this one opted in for our better SEO program adding in the keywords and snippets that drive better search results and traffic. We’re excited to see how this site evolves and hope that it starts using it’s ecommerce platform soon.

Joann's Fudge Blog Site Performance

Another stellar load time for this site. Every aspect of this one is coming in well with green across the board. When you’re on the island make sure you stop in to grab some fudge or make a reservation at their hotel as you take a step back in time at Main Street Inn and Suites.