With the way that the world has been changing virtual law offices are a somewhat newer thing and we’re happy to be supporting one that is local to us in Calvert Law PLLC. People’s schedules are increasingly hectic having to juggle families, work and other activities it leaves no time to get other things done, that’s where Rob comes in. He gives virtual consults that fit the flexibility of your schedule. Dog Ear Marketing & Web Design was at the helm on design for this site like they always are and we were able to deliver some really great results so that Rob can have an excellent web presence and continue to grow.

Calvert Law PLLC specializes in estate planning, property law, business law, and expungements. While that seems like a lot to really rank for in a web presence Dog Ear was able to work the SEO on this site to get it to rank on the front page of google when searching for local law offices, that’s always a great thing as SEO is a moving target and hard to get right. Thankfully Katelyn at Dog Ear Marketing knows her stuff and can really work a keyword search.

As per usual, our sites always get the best performance tweaks and can be shown above. We’re always happy to see a site getting in play in less than a second and ready to be used by the user. Sometimes, there are tweaks that can be made down the road however I think Rob at Calvert Law PLLC is already in a good spot and should be good to go for quite some time until we add a bunch of new features to the site.

We’re happy to see this site doing well and can’t wait to to work on our next project to bring it the same success as Calvert Law PLLC.