Welcome! For those of you that are not familiar with The Black & White Standard LLC, we are a multimedia communications company. While there are quite a few services offered such as photography etc. Web Design & Integration is the main focus and passion of the company.

bwStandard was founded in 2019 when our founder struck out on his own path to help the world communicate and integrate. With several years experience in WordPress and integrating other great services into it there isn’t much that we can’t do to help get your company or families message out to the world on your own terms.

Our motto is “Excellence Comes Standard” because we know that the only work that we can put out there is work that has been given our 110% effort. Anything less doesn’t get published. We want our customers to be able to be proud of their web presences and say “We’re proudly powered by bwStandard.”

Not everything makes it to the production stage but it sure is fun to take on new projects each day to understand and broaden knowledge. There have been plenty of times in my experience that I’ve thought back to use a small tidbit of a previous work to make a new project even better. That’s the beauty of what we can create. The sky is the limit, and the questions is: What’s next? Until we can answer that question we shall continue to push the limits of our minds and creations to make things better and lives easier through the web. 

The most important question that we can ask currently is:

What can we do to make your day better with a website?

Randy Gallagher, Owner/Founder
I started working with WordPress around the year of 2012 off and on. As of the last 5 years it has become a central point of every day activities. Since taking on a lead role as the Web Designer at a previous company it was my goal to learn every day something new about the platform that powers a 3rd of the internet.

My favorite part of the platform is the fact that it’s open sourced, or as I’d like to put it, “open-minded”. The constant evolution of the platform has kept me thoroughly intrigued and interested. My favorite moments are always those when I find a new way to use WordPress to make our lives easier or I find a new idea to chase into development.

In the off-hours, off-hours? What are those? As a dad and side gig workaholic there is no rest for the wicked. But alas, in those few moments a good film, video game, or comic can be enjoyable. In all honesty being busy seems to suit me best, it keeps the mind sharp and moving well and as I learned from an esteemed colleague of mine, “Time is your most valuable asset.” Making the most of the time and resources at hand is my biggest goal each day and it keeps the fire burning. 

If you or anyone is looking for website work, integrations or automations feel free to click the link below and get in touch with me. I’d be happy to help or just chat about web stuff in general. Open source and open minds.