Nature’s Cradle is a new customer that we are more than thrilled to be working with. We were found by them through the likes of the google and are extremely excited to have been found! Originally they had a garden center site that needed to be updated and that was just the beginning to the journey that we were about to embark on. With Dog Ear Marketing & Web Design on point with the design we were able to get a site that looked great while also working on some really cool functions.

Along with the revamp we had a couple of wish list items to help make this business take a few jumps further into the driver’s seat for the industry. Personally coming from a background in the garden center industry I know that there are a lot of sites that are just antiquated or simply a place for instructions on how to get to the garden center. Nature’s Cradle is one that wants to blaze a path thankfully.

Not only did we design a form that calculates mulch and saves the info but we are also working on an online marketplace as well that will connect with their current in house counterpoint system. All of this will most likely be running by the time that this post is published.

Another thing that we will be getting going for them that integrates into the commerce system is their availability. They have a large form that lists what is available across several different farms and is show to their in-house landscape team as well as to landscaper customers that need to purchase material for jobs. Once everything is connected the store will be able to work with the availability that is generated by their lead tech personnel with a simple upload of the spreadsheet to update inventory. Then the customer will be able to head to the store and pick up their gardening supplies when everything is ready to pick-up at the nursery. These features will be a new combination for us here although we have done many things like it in the past in separate modules.

As shown above we have yet another quick site, albeit not as fast as some of the others. Regardless we hit our mark of having it served in less than 3s and ready to work for the customers. What I really like about this site is how it looks and how it took elements of photography as well as the design drawings from the firm and combined the two. Everything was really well executed, with so much more to come. Keep an eye out for what’s next as this garden center will gather no moss.