As another way to improve we have created a Discord Community!

While we continue to grow we want to make sure that we are reachable and are able to keep all of our accounts organized so we wanted to develop a place that everyone would be able to get a hold of us immediately (beyond email) and file support tickets, in case anything were needed in support of the services that we provide.

Not only is this community a helpful tool for the accounts that we currently service in interacting with us but it’s also great getting reach out into the community for other clients that might be needed help as well. Since WordPress is an open source platform, we like to make sure that we support that and help others as we have needed help at some points and others we’re more than happy to help us.

Our server includes:
Support Tickets
General Chat
Platform-based brainstorming

While we will always be there to support any of the products that we create and maintain, we also make it so that if someone would like the feedback of others there are places to hold discussions and chat about anything in a productive manner. Open source and open minds are our favorite things.

Use the above link to join the community and get real time updates if anything is happening or you need to get in touch with us.