In November through word of mouth advertising we were able to come into hosting Mackinac Bike Barn and it’s sister company, Mackinac Bikes. This company was founded by a local island resident and expanded over time starting in 2005.

For anyone that is unaware, biking is the main form of transportation over at the island as there are no cars allowed save for a few deliveries and they are quickly whisked away by a special ferry. Otherwise only people are allowed onto ferries from the mainland use either horse drawn carriage or bikes to get around. It’s quite the place to be. Thankfully these company and it’s sister are there to take care of those needs of rental and repairs on the island.

This site was not designed by myself or our design partner but a previous design firm that is going into retirement. When the owner is ready we hope that we can hand the design baton off to Dog Ear and watch the transformation from HTML to wordpress and maybe add some bells and whistles. Depending one the owner’s needs this site could easily house a nice ecommerce shop, how-to videos, advanced reservations and plenty of other options.