Pole Barns-MI is a returning customer, and you’d better bet that we are super grateful for the repeat business and trust in our operation. This company and site is the sister to Woods Builders, operated by Jon Woods. He’s a Grand Rapids local and am happy to have him here. If you’re looking for construction he’s the guy to look to.

This site here is another simple one, ready to get customers all the information that they need and allow them to get into touch with the team to schedule a follow up and give them more information about your build. If you look closely this site didn’t stray from the green base layer and lighter accents and comes together quite nicely to draw eyes to where they need to go. On top of that it’s quite a speedster as well. This site is quite fast with a large paint in 1.4s and nearly no content shift during that load. Another job well done and great site created by Dog Ear Marketing.