The sister company to our Mackinac Bike Barn acquisition, Mackinac Bikes. This site is almost the same as it’s sister with a few changes and is home to all the information to a traveler looking for transportation on Michigan’s best destination, Mackinac Island. As mentioned in the other post other than horse drawn carriage bikes are the main mode of transportation around the island.

This shop, like the other, is very easily accessible on the main street of the island for travelers to stop in for a rental and take off throughout the island whether it be through the interior of the state park or around the circumference of the island. I’ve taken that walk quite a few times and would definitely rent a bike to make the trek. The walk is definitely nice however having a bike handy allows you to see more of the island in a day while walking definitely cuts it short if you do the full circumference.

This site is another that is HTML driven from a previous, retired builder from the island and we’re thankful to have it. In time like the other with the owner’s blessing it could easily be transitioned over to WordPress with Dog Ear’s help and have a great set of features added to it. There is ton’s of potential here to automate and integrate making the website do plenty of things to help the business generate more revenue and make the owner’s lives easier.