Chippewa Hotel, another on Mackinac Island makeover, part two of three to the Lilac Tree Suites. This site was designed by Dog Ear Marketing & Web Design as well. This site is the same “theme” as it’s sister hotel Lilac with the larger opening of the site and great visuals. For those not familiar Chippewa Hotel is more known that are previous two hotels for it’s visuals. not only is it at the end of town and can look up across the landscape but also is on the waterfront if you’re fortunate enough to have a room on the water side.

Not only does the hotel have a great view, it also has a restaurant and bar in house. The Pink Pony. Coming soon is the new and improved Pink Pony site, it’s currently under rebuild. While going through the rest of the site you can order gift cards, shop merchandise, learn about specials, and find things to do around the island. If you’re looking to book you can learn about each of the different room types and book through their third party site when you’re ready to take a trip back in time to the island.

Chippewa Site Speed Score

The Chipp as we like to call it is another quick moving site loading fully in less than 2 seconds and has a lot of information to offer. With all that has been put into the site Katelyn at Dog Ear has been doing great with her builds and getting them to deliver large payloads of information and beauty while getting them to do so in a very quick fashion with our provided plugin suite and private servers. It’s nothing new around here that we always find ways to make crazy things to happen, and we’re only getting started with what we can do.

If you or someone you know is looking for a new site design or some great webhosting and amazing site support click the corresponding links to get setup, we’ll help in anyway possible.