Mainstreet Inn and Suites is a new account for us that is found on the main street of an international travel destination, Mackinac Island, MI. Mainstreet is just the first of several rebuilds that we have worked on for the island and cannot wait until we get to publish all that we have worked on. Another site that we are working on for this particular company is Joann’s Fudge, located in the same building as the Inn.

The site was built by our design partner Dog Ear Marketing & Web Design and I would say to date this is the best looking site that we have churned out. The site features all of the information necessary for prospective guests for the hotel as well as some photography around the island and all the amenities offered by the inn.

They do have a reservation system however it is a third party system that I could see improving greatly for a number of reasons should it be built within the site itself or as a subdomain due to the potential size of that database. In the past we have worked with properties that rent out their rooms or the property itself and have found a great system for reservations. We hope in the future to be able to work on this aspect for the Inn.

As shown in the image above this site is one of the fastest we have seen so far with great numbers right out of the gate for large content paints as well as full loads. There is a little bit of content shift but not a ton, a lot of the downside to a site load like this is the large payload that comes at the very top of the site with the high resolution photos or videos that will always slow a site down however is a great aesthetic for visitors first glance.

As mentioned this is the first of the Mackinac Island Main Street series with Dog Ear Marketing, plenty more to come, keep an eye out for more amazing transformations of the historic islands websites.