Portside Condos Grand Haven #3 is the latest installment of sites to the roster. This site is the second rental that we are servicing however this is the first to use reservations natively within the site.

The reservation system works well just like the normal reservation system at the bigger chain hotels and it even takes a deposit up front to hold in case of a late cancellation or damages to the property. Besides the reservation platform this site is pretty close to most other sites with a lot of great pictures and design by Dog Ear Marketing. If looking for a platform to rent out a property, room or other place this is a great setup for that.

After everything was setup we got a pretty good load time like normal. Really the only thing left to do with this site is to help get it marketed effectively to the outside to drum up as many reservations as possible. Currently the site ranks pretty well due to the domains that are associated with it but it could use a bump up in other areas to help get it noticed.