Pink Pony is one site that we have been to many a times, before we were lucky enough to start working on it. As a consumer we know of the restaurant on the famous Mackinac island and have eaten there several times; it’s kind of a must stop whenever we get to head up to Mackinac Island. Thankfully when it was time to upgrade the site and get it setup on a better host we were given the call to set it up for a refurb over the winter with Dog Ear Marketing working on the design.

The site currently is in it’s infancy with a sleek and fast design with a great look to it showcasing the property itself along with it’s menu and is linked to it’s off site store. It solves all of the basic needs that a website should, our favorite part is how nice it looks along with the speed that it is served at. It was a fantastic build to get customers in the door in a timely fashion, especially since it is one of our higher traffic sites.

In the upcoming “off-season” for the island there are plans to remove the main shopping features from Shopify and bring them into the native site itself adding to the experience for the customers without having to take them to a new place when looking to purchase some swag from their favorite island eatery. What’s more is the integration that will be taking place with this shopping experience, tying the stores site to the “in-store” POS system allowing for real-time updates and sales info. This wouldn’t be our first time making such an integration by any means but it would be the first with the third party that is being used and the system looks by far a ton better than any that we have seen thus far.

With the aforementioned systems going into place for the site I know that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when providing great features for the customers to experience and we are excited to make sure that all of them work well and provide the best UI/UX that can be had for the success of the business especially due to the velocity of this site. We know that everyone will be here and using it at the speed of light.

The report card above for this food service site is amazing for this site in my opinion. We have this loading in under 2s fully and has a Large Content Paint in well under a second. That LCP is great especially for what is painted as it’s a great looking photo that represents the business and their great atmosphere. With the speed and sleek offerings of this site it’s sure to offer a great time for all of the visitors that come through.

I look forward to seeing what’s new with this one and am super excited to work on one of my favorite island spots. A dream come true to say the least.