Element Manufacturing Partners was a referral from a firm nearby and we absolutely are grateful. This site took a little bit to get published but working with the team has been a delight. Dog Ear Marketing was at the help for the design and the advanced form design and functionality was my own. For anyone looking for manufactured parts we now have a couple of choices in our stable to refer across the eastern states, both great businesses to deal with!

This site is primarily the customer facing information for the company and serves as an uptake for information for the customer. On the front page one can learn about the different types of parts they create as well as get a link to the form that can server as an order form and an upload for plans on parts etc. Simple, Powerful, Elegant. A nice combination and execution on the site.

This little monster is fast as well. 1.3s for a content paint and nearly no shift as it loads. This site is pretty well optimized and ready to serve the customers as they come through the front door.