Ryba Bikes is another acquisition from Mackinac Island as it’s resident designer retired. This site is another one of the main suppliers of bike rentals on the island and comes to us by recommendation of the designer. Nothing has changed on this design from it’s previous state

The site itself has been published for quite some time, the business alone has been around for 63 years at time of this writing. Throughout those years they have been one of the main bike rental facilities available to the public on the island having a prime location right off of the docks of the ferry.

As with the other sites that we have acquired that are of the HTML capacity we see a lot of potential with things that we can do for this site and the business. Pre-registration and reservation of bikes are always the first things that come to mind as well as by far the easiest things to implement. A site shop could also be something that would be worth looking into to sell accessories and or merchandise with the company logos etc on it. Rental renewals could also be a great add-on to the site if a rider happened to want to hold the bike for a little longer and wanted to pay by credit card. The sky is always the limit for us.

As of right now we are just hosting this site for the company but we definitely can’t wait until they are ready to make changes and freshen this up for ease of use to the customers and as well as the employees.