Eaton’s Crossing is a site showcasing a lakeside housing development, with the developers being headquartered in Maryland. The development itself is located right off of Lake Gaston conveniently located between Richmond, VA and Raleigh, NC in Warren County. There are plenty of lots that are still available and ready to build upon at time of writing and will be a great place to settle in with the surrounding community.

The site has several different features showing the different aspects of the community as well as the surrounding area. There is not much that can be added in terms of features to this site, it seems to have most of the bases covered in terms of services based on the content of the site. It could very easily integrate an appointment app for setting up meetings with the realtor and prospective owners but may not be completely necessary.

The main reason that we were able to acquire this site is our dedication to great customer service. The previous developer had a strangle hold on a different site and wouldn’t even allow the client to access the back-end of the site to look at what was in there. To us that is a huge red flag considering that the client is the one that pays the bills and owns the site and it’s files. They have every right to access what is in the site, including the SFTP if asked.

Our number one value is transparency and want our customers to be happy with the products that they employ. At all times we will always build to the best of our abilities as well as work with our clients to make sure they understand what they are getting as well as how to operate the site. Our prices will always stay as low as possible and our service better than all. We like to empower our clients with their personalized tools to be successful as their business success is also our success.