This site was one in need of a good home. Brought to us by the owner of Lake Drive books, this site was being thrust into the wild with no support or host to keep it live. Unfortunately we find marketing companies that do this from time to time and we’re happy to pick up the pieces. Here it’s about putting out a good product and helping the client succeed, that’s what we’ll do here.

I’m not sure what the speeds on this one were prior to moving to our server but it seems like it is responding fairly well to it’s new environment. Although this site will be looking for a little bit of a rebuild it’s working right now as well as it possibly could I would think. A full load in less than 3 seconds and a LCP at 1.3.

I’m not exactly sure who this was designed by, but it works for now while we finish the transition. It may need some work going forward but nothing Dog Ear Marketing cannot handle.

If you or anyone you know have a host or marketing company that isn’t really willing to help or hold your files hostage, send us an email. We should be able to fix the situation at a perfectly reasonable cost. Your success is our success so let’s be successful.