Another Michigander site, from the locale of Muskegon and a distillery. This site is the home to vibrant colors and pictures that tell the story of this local bar and distillery. The unique design elements help tell the story of how the establishment is self is one of a kind.

This site is primarily just a hosting for us here as most of the services are linked off site to third party vendors. They offer reservations, ordering and menus on the site. Most of that could be brought in house but have no ambitions currently to do anything with it.

Another quick load for us here with this site. It has a large content paint of 1.1s and also a fully loaded by 1.5s. That’s kind of quick. A good build with a good server behind it.

This site was designed by Dog Ear Marketing like all of the rest of the sites with small performance tweaks and hosting by ourselves here.