Finding a new puppy can be quite the chore for your new home. With so many boxes to check before bringing home the new member of the family Little Big Pups can understand the stress. Nate at Little Big Pups understands the stress and is on a mission to bring you the best breeders in Michigan to help you find a puppy that was ethically bred and raised before it finds it’s way to your home. 

Not only does Little Big Pups take care of the sourcing of your new found friend they also will make sure that the puppy is ready to be assimilated back into your home by socializing and doing the early bathroom training with your pup. With more than 10 breeds to choose from Little Big Pups is a great choice for your new addition to the family. 

For performance on this site we are within the standard threshold of 3s. For right now we aren’t quite as worried about that number as Dog Ear Marketing and ourselves are working on this project over the long run. As of now the site is still in it’s early stages with just a bunch of information and as we go a little further we will be developing more business solutions for the site to allow for a more streamlined flow of business for all parties involved. Those solutions will include a store, as well as multi-point communication tools for the breeders as well as Little Big Pups themselves so that they can focus on the more important things like  making sure your puppy gets all the attention it needs.

We look forward to the upcoming developments to be added to this site, it’s always super fun to add them and customize work-spaces for our customers.