Coin Knowledge Emporium is a side / new passion project for me that has launched recenlty. With 2020 being in the state that it’s in there have been a few people like myself that have found a bit of extra time while looking for the next project. It’s basis is to help people, and mostly myself about the art of cryptocurrency as a whole. There is a lot to it and save the mechanisms required to navigate through it, the crypto universe is rather simple and you’re probably already dabbling while not knowing it. That’s what the site is designed to try and help you understand. There’s a ton of knowledge that needs to get added and will find it’s way there eventually.

This site is unfortunately NOT designed by famed Dog Ear Marketing, it might be at some point, but for now we went with the Gutenberg editor, just to see how it feels. It’s not bad. It has a few oddities but overall useable. I would like the site to look nicer for sure, but I’ve always been the content and tools guy, so for now it’ll be just a functional site.

This site as mentioned is kind of a passion project. As I learn more and more about trading and what it requires to be semi successfull in the “trading world” I just keep building tools and pages that would benefit me in a glance to making good decisions throughout the trade day.

Above I have a cost calculator that has just recently been updated and set to help keep a very close eye on running averages and costs based on a Coinbase report (or other reports if modified). The shows on a tidy dashboard pertinent information for each of the coins that are in the portfolio. From that dash good deals on the market and real valuations are easily discernable at a glance.

Below are coin charts and a constantly updating chart of pricing and change data for specific coins. Rather than having multiple sites to gather the data everything is provided to see what is currently happening at the market. There are also two tickers that run on the top and the bottom of the page all the time. The top is a news ticker and the bottom shows current market pricing. 

The site also has a hovering crate for a Discord chat server as well in the bottom right corner. In this specific case it would be like a standard customer service chat bubble where it pops up and shows exactly what is in the chat room currently and even allow the user to interact with the chat room from right anywhere on the site.

The site is still in it’s very early stages of development, there is a lot more that can be done. Working with this subject has allowed me to work with tools that I’m not normally accustomed to and has helped find new solutions to future problems. Over time more will be added to the functionalities and knowledgebase.