Innogroup Companies is one of our newest acquisitions of websites and unfortunately there isn’t much to write about this one other than the fact that we’re excited to have them aboard. This company was in the same boat as our friends over at Woods Builders, they were getting price gouged like crazy. The bills for maintenance were in a doable range as the bundle they were getting was OK but the maintenance alone was abhorrent for something that is automated and billed through the roof anyway.

Thankfully for less than half of just the maintenance costs we were able to give a better site experience in the back end as well as hosting all-in-one. To me that’s a win-win-win. From this point going forward we are going to work to make sure that the site is taken care of and nothing happens while also making sure that the customers bottom line isn’t hurt in the process.

Another good speed on this site with a little help with our custom concoction of plugins. Delivering a speed under 3s is always our goal. 

To conclude this episode of SITE LAUNCH, we just want to let you know if you or anyone you know are spending WAAAAAYYYYYY too much on your hosting or maintenance etc. please drop us a line either here or  There is absolutely no reason that anyone needs to be paying over $800 a YEAR  for hosting or maintenance. #profitmore people! If you aren’t sure if you are paying too much please feel contact us for a FREE audit and we’d be happy to make sure that you get exactly what you need with out gouging your bottom line. We’re all in this together and want to make sure you’re successful.