We got off the beaten path of our normal site projects for this one. In this particular case Cascade Thornapple River Association needed a way to sync their transactions to their documents that all tied in with their electronic payment system. Originally this required just a spreadsheet that was programmed in the correct way to make sure to sort the data and calculate it in the correct manner. As the job became more and more inventive it then required an eCommerce solution that allowed the data to be sorted in another way and integreated from WordPress to Google Sheets. 

The above spreadsheet is one that is not overly complex but has the ability to be in the case that it needs more bells and whistles. Primarily it uses the information that comes in from Zapier that is integrated directly with woo commerce and then sorts it as the customer needs it sorted with the correct nomenclatures. In reality, once the site is connected to Google Sheets the data can be sorted and used in many different ways.

This site was designed by Dog Ear Marketing. It’s fairly simple as our primary focus was to create functionality and there is a lot of that behind the scenes in this payment processor. With the help of several different applications including Paypal, WooCommerce, Google, and Zapier this simple machine was put into work and has done a great job so far.