The Village Inn of St Ignace is another acquisition from Mackinac Island as it’s resident designer retired. This time it was referred to by word of mouth from a friend, and we appreciate that. This business is not only a bar and restaurant but a banquet center as well with a large room to rent out. This definitely fits into our food service category.

This site has been around for a little while I believe the last changes were in 2014 and is made out of HTML. When this site is ready to be remade it as the others have, has a lot of potential to be added into the site and even automated to help drive business to the location in many different manners starting with great displays and ease of use for the employees. One thing that we strive for here is to create web based solutions that we can teach our customers about to make their lives easier so they can make changes and updates on their own. This in itself really helps drive customer success and helps keep their costs down, meanwhile we’re always here to give a helping hand or chat them through how to fix anything.

As of right now we are just hosting this site for the company but we definitely can’t wait until they are ready to make changes and freshen this up for ease of use to the customers and as well as the employees.