From lands far off Benjamin Young Inn comes to us to host a site and show off what their Astoria based bed & breakfast has to offer. The Oregon B&B is a Queen Anne style home that can house up to 13 people on a full night. Each morning gourmet breakfast is served and the day’s adventures are afoot for the guests as they are just minutes from the river and beach. A family owned and operated business since it’s inception, and continuing the great tradition with it’s newest owners.

This site was a full build designed by Dog Ear Marketing, coming from it’s original HTML one page site. It’s hard to put into words the transformation that this site has undergone as it’s night and day different with plenty of color and pages to look through in comparison to before. If anyone was somewhat on the fence about staying in this establishment, they will not be after they see the vibrant photos and views showcased on the site.

This turned out to be a very fast build when put on the gtmetrix meter. One of the fastest builds to date. It doesn’t have a ton of features on it as it’s mostly a large advertisement or digital pamphlet but as always it has plenty of potential for whatever it’s owners may want down the road.

This site was designed by Dog Ear Marketing like all of the rest of the sites with small performance tweaks and hosting by ourselves here.