Over what seems to be the last year or so the backup plugin that we use has been upgraded and being tested to work the new code into a more efficient plugin for the website but also the backup files themselves. During the course of that year after it released I have been testing it back and forth to make sure that it was ready to be put into production for all of your sites as there have been plugins in the past that just don’t work with our servers for some reason.

Thankfully after a long wait and a bunch of test runs we have the new plugin deployed on all of the sites hosted on our servers. Rather than monthly backups the new system will employ weekly backups and they will also be hosted on two of the best USB flash drives that money can buy…Just kidding there will be two cloud servers as always that are backed up themselves so there will be backups of your sites backups.

That’s all that is super fun and new for now. New sites are in the hopper, waiting to be published, just need that final greenlight to push the button.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash