A few months ago our service provider, that houses our many servers that your sites are on had an outage. Not something I like to talk about and am by no means proud about it. In fact I’m rather outraged about the outage and I made sure to express said emotions with them on behalf of all of my great customers. Your business is important to me and I treat all of your sites as though they were my own. “Service Excellence Comes Standard” is our tagline and you’ll receive nothing less.

After several emails, and finally getting to the VP of Tech Support I was assured that our issue stemmed from a hardware failure and was completely unavoidable. This although a good answer was still unacceptable to me. “100% uptime guaranteed” means 100% uptime NOT LESS.

I continued the grilling of the service provider and came to a solution that I feel confident in offering that to each of our sites and have seen the results that has made a ginormous difference to all of your sites in a few different ways.

Over the last couple of months I have been taking the time to do some routing upgrades as well as a little load balancing for all of the sites. What this means is I added CloudFlare to each site which is another layer of security as well as allows all sites to be cached in the event that for some reason the servers fall off again even though I have been assured all of our sites have been added to a brand new machine with all brand new hardware.

With the addition of CloudFlare, it not only keeps more “bad actors / traffic” away from your site, it also flows them in a little more efficiently and LOADS YOUR SITE FASTER. Each of the sites save a few I noticed that the load times were quite a bit faster than they previously had been, and they were fast.

In conclusion I would like to take the time to apologize for the downtime that we experienced. It’s unacceptable and I made sure to implement every measure I could to mitigate the issue going forward even in the event of another outage – your site should still be up. I do not anticipate such an event, we should not experience such an event, but if something does happen you’d better believe I will be on it right away and in your corner until the issues are resolved. I wish all my clients great success and I will always treat your business like my own, they are very important to me.

Thank you for everything and your continued patronage