Morningsong Coffee Roasters is another local to our home area here and happy to have them aboard. Morningsong is a new roaster that came from a background in the coffee industry looking to breakout on a new path. This company started from the ground up building the entire operation. Sample coffee beans roasted from around the world with one of the many choices they have to offer.

This project specifically was one of the larger ones that we have taken on with many tiers of customizations throughout. On top of the site having the shop for selling the coffee the project also offers wholesale pricing and subscriptions on each of the products too. While pricing was three layers of complexity in itself we also integrated the store with Quickbooks, and ShipStation to make life easier to operate the store. Lastly the site is also equipped to connect with google sheets to extrapolate order data for different business strategies etc.

This site works very quickly especially with all of the different features that it offers. Normally we would expect this site to load a tiny bit slower than the rest however it is right on par with most of the rest of the sites that we put together. One thing that there is to note with this build is that most of everything worked well right from the get-go, not needing much fine tuning after the fact to get site moving fast enough.

This site was designed by Dog Ear Marketing like all of the rest of the sites with small performance tweaks and hosting by ourselves here.