Continuing with our local friends, Gold & Diamond Zone have transitioned over to our care from another designer / host. Before we got this site we did some checking around to see how every thing was doing and this site was in need of at the very least a performance overhaul. At the time of picking up the project the site took over 10s to load, and we’re not talking just full load, we’re talking first paint.

Gold & Diamond Zone is a local jeweler in the Grand Rapids Area, found on the north side 28th st near Eastern. Not only do they sell fine jewelry they also specialize in repairing and even buy jewelry and gold.

This site was quite the revamp from it’s previous home. Loading in at 10s we tried our standard approach to get it working in good time. Adding our plugin suite as well as putting on our private servers alone was able to shave 8s and the rest was from just the usual tweaks. No matter what was done we have the best outcome we could ask for, a fast load for the customer.

As alwasy, credit where credit is due, the freshen up on the design was done by our partner Dog Ear Marketing. In the shop there was a php shop added rather than our standard WooCommerce by a different outside firm hired by the site owner.